July 15

Start of Term 3

Term 3 is off and running, with lots to look forward to!

  • We have our 3 way conferences coming up.
  • Students are going to be investigating the traits of good writing, specifically ideas, conventions and voice.
  • We will be investigating word origins, suffixes and prefixes and high frequency words.
  • We are looking further into reading strategies through our work on the CAFE reading menu.
  • Our maths focus is time, followed by multiplication and measurement and location.
  • Our integrated focus is on the geography of Australia and its neighbours.
  • We will celebrate book week with a range of activities.
  • We will be presenting oral presentations and thinking about our audience and delivery.
  • The whole 3/4 team are headed to King Lake for an action packed camp.

A busy and exciting time ahead for all!

Andrea, Dave and Liz