September 5


Our maths unit of work is focusing on division. Today we introduced a new format to drawing our array. Using concrete materials allowed everyone to understand the concept easily. Please continue to practice your array strategy at home and explain this concept to your parents.

  • Division can be shown using arrays. This creates a meaningful form of recording the operation.
  • We need to represent our array using more detail to distinguish the number to be shared from the number sharing.

August 25


A highlight during Book Week was when we explored one of the short listed picture story books ‘Mechanica’. The students in 3/4A enjoyed creating their own mechanical bug designed for the 22nd century. We are in the process of publishing our creative writing pieces! STAY TUNED….

August 25


On Friday the 25th of August, we all dressed up as our favourite book character. This was an excellent way to finish our busy week celebrating the 2017 Book Week ‘Escape to Everywhere’. Many students across the school embraced our 3/4 chosen theme of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. Thank you to all the parents for their help with 3/4 A’s costumes!


May 5




Hello parents!

As we have been working on test wise behaviours and the genre of test, we are coming into the home stretch of preparation for NAPLAN. It might be useful for students to look at a couple of practise tests over the weekend if they feel they would like to. NAPLAN takes a snapshot of student learning from foundation until the beginning of year 3- please keep this in mind when talking about it with your child. Nerves for some students will be normal but we have worked hard to help students feel calm and prepared.

Please be assured that after our preparation session today, students are feeling ready and confident to have a go!


The 3/4 teaching team @ MPPS

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