February 19


Hello everyone!

Today all grade 3’s who had their diaries at school were given their hotMaths usernames and passwords. That means that it is now time to start exploring the site.

If you go to HOTMATHS (click this link) and type in your username and password (you have those in your diary) you are good to get started!!

After you take a look around have a go at task that has been set for you…

Usernames and passwords are ready on Monday for those who missed out.

Good Luck and welcome to hotMaths!!


February 17

Welcome to 2016


We have had a busy start to the year, getting to know each other, setting class expectations and establishing class routines.

We are aiming to use this blog regularly to keep in touch and share what we are doing in class so please make sure you spend some time with your child exploring the site.

The 3/4 handbook will be posted here shortly (be patient with me – I’m still on L plates with blogging!)

I’m looking forward to spending this term with the amazing children of 3/4A and sharing in their learning journey.


February 16

Vocabulary Homework

Vocabulary homework.
Starting week three you are all expected to investigate new words for homework. Over the last few days we have learnt how this activity is to be completed. The word collection is to occur during personal reading sessions where you should record unfamiliar and interesting words. Then all you need to do is follow the Vocabulary sample in your homework book. Below is a detailed list of the areas that need to be covered for one word each week.

Each week you are expected to complete the following:

1. Write new word from your writing or reading
2. Write a definition for the word.
3. Synonym
4. Antonym
5. Connection or sentence