June 3

Camp : August 31 – September 3rd, 2015.

Camp update:


Thank you to all the parents, who have completed and returned the permission notes, medical forms and payments so promptly. We appreciate the support with returning these notes; it is essential that we have all of the information for camp as early as possible so we can plan accordingly.


Parent Helpers on Camp

We have been overwhelmed with the number of parents who have offered to attend camp this year. We would love it if we could take all of the parents who have put their names forward; unfortunately this is not possible. We will finalise the list of parent helpers shortly, meanwhile, thank-you to everyone who has volunteered.


If you do attend camp, you may not necessarily be in the same group as your child. You will be allotted a number of students who will be under your care whilst activities are being conducted at Kinglake. At night there are strict guidelines about access to student cabins and these must be adhered to. While it can be difficult for parents to be away from their child, camp is a great opportunity for your child to develop their independence away from the bonds of the family in a safe, organized, engaging environment. This educational experience is also a great way for children to develop new friendships, improve their social and personal learning skills and have a whole lot of fun away from home!


In order to ensure that parents are aware of their role, if they attend camp, could parents please refer to the following information given by the Department of Education:



If you have any concerns about the camp, or would like to visit the camp website to see some of the activities, our students maybe involved in please click on the link below.



Again if there are any other concerns, please speak to your classroom teacher.