April 24

NAPLAN Preparation

As you would all know The National Assessment Program In Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) is around the corner. Our program thus far has covered many of the reading, writing, and numeracy areas on which students will be assessed.

We have been working on:

-narrative writing, plot, setting and character,

-persuasive writing structure and techniques,

-writer’s craft techniques to enhance writing,

-punctuation and grammar,

-spelling strategies,

-the reading strategies that aid comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding vocabulary,

-clarifying the meanings of words, questioning and summarizing,

-identifying author’s purpose,

-identifying question and answer relationships,

-building stamina for reading and writing,

-selecting key words in a text and taking notes,

-maths concepts around number and place value,

-numeracy problem solving and mental computation,

-reviewing prior NAPLAN tests to analyze questions and revising maths concepts previously taught, -working within a time frame,

-development of test wise behaviors,

-developing an understanding of the reasons we undertake NAPLAN,

-reassuring students that this is an assessment of what they can do on the day,

and that teachers do many other kinds of assessments to see what they have learned.


Our hope is that this work helps students to come into the test week feeling prepared and calm about tackling the tests.



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