February 24

Parent Teacher Meetings

Thanks to all those parents who came along to meet with me today. It was great to catch up with you and share your about your lovely children. Your insights certainly shed light and help me to gain a clearer picture of who they are. I feel that mine is a very privileged job, working with these great young people.


February 18

Parent Teacher Interviews

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to chat with parents about their son or daughter next week. It is a chance for parents the share any information they think relevant for me to know and to ask any questions you have about the year or anything in particular. As we have 28 students I will need to stick to time slots but if you feel that you need extra time we can arrange another time to talk.


February 13

Hello world!

Hello all. This class community blog will be one of our main ways in which we will communicate with each other during the year. This blog will evolve as the year progresses and will contain useful links to sites that parents and students can access. The blog will also feature some photographs of our progress throughout the year. We aim to have all of the year 3 students on their own blog sites before the end of semester one. The year four students already have their own blogs and will use them to publish their work and comment on other student blogs throughout the year.