Homework 2017


This year we have established the following guidelines and expectations around 3/4 student’s homework.

Students need to

  • READ for at least 30 minutes every night. Book titles need to be recorded on the title tally list in the                  homework books.
  • One summary per week about the book they are currently reading.
  • Select one new word from their just right book to investigate,in order to expand their vocabulary. The     outline of the aspects of the word they need to investigate is added below. Expanding Our Vocabulary Homework outline-1dsn26y
  • HOTmaths tasks will be given every couple of weeks. Students will be told when a task is “live”. Students can go onto HOTmaths to revise at anytime by navigating the website.
  • Homework should be handed in on Fridays and books will be returned on Mondays.




Hello parents!

As we have been working on test wise behaviours and the genre of test, we are coming into the home stretch of preparation for NAPLAN. It might be useful for students to look at a couple of practise tests over the weekend if they feel they would like to. NAPLAN takes a snapshot of student learning from foundation until the beginning of year 3- please keep this in mind when talking about it with your child. Nerves for some students will be normal but we have worked hard to help students feel calm and prepared.

Please be assured that after our preparation session today, students are feeling ready and confident to have a go!


The 3/4 teaching team @ MPPS

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Welcome to 2017!

We have settled in and are busy establishing our routines and getting into our curriculum. We are looking forward to meeting with parents at information night tonight and at parent teacher discussions coming up soon.

Please find the 3/4 Handbook below and read about the various aspects related to students in 3/4.


Hope to see parents tonight, if you are unable to attend please read the information and if you have any further questions call school or email me to discuss.

Thank You

Andrea Gale

Threats to Marine Life Investigation

As we have been studying marine environments and visited one in Queenscliff we would now like students to look at one threat in particular. Read through the task, over the next two weeks we will be researching and reporting on this topic. We will have time in class but you may research and make notes at home. We will be conferring and publishing at school.

We will talk about the task together and get going next week.Threats to Marine Life

Camp Wyuna

Camp Wyuna was a great success!

Congratulations to all those who participated!

Are are some snaps…

beach survivor intro

The Seals warming up for Beach Survivor

Working Army fort at Queenscliff

Dressing up at Fort Queenscliff.

The girls at Initiatives Course

Just finished Team Initiatives, phew!

Fort building beach survivor

Did, dig, dig!!!

Marine Discovery Centre

Marine Discovery Centre, learning about the creatures and their environments.